Poky 3.1


本家サイトもリニューアル。Yocto Project – It's not an embedded Linux distribution – it creates a custom one for you


* Development of Anjuta integration with Poky’s SDK and QEMU, making cross development of applications simple.
* Addition of a users manual.
* New machine support: Compulab EM-X270, Zylonite, Freescale MX31ADS, Phytec PhyCORE-iMX31, Logic iMX31 Lite and the HTC Universal (experimental).
* Improved existing machine support, particularly the experimental Nokia tablet support.
* Standalone toolchain and SDK application developers can develop against.
* Addition of new tools to the SDK such as QEMU
* Conversion to use the sysroot mode of gcc, making cross compiling both easier and more robust.
* Conversion to use pkgconfig in sysroot mode
* Updates to recent versions of almost all packages
* Addition of NetworkManager to standard images
* Addition of a Webkit based browser
* uclibc support